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Ifiniti Pro Series 2002
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About the Indy Pro Series and This Site

This site is not an official Indy Pro Series anymore since the last races took place in 2007. First season happened in 2002 and it was called Infiniti Pro Series. It took a few seasons before the race were renamed to Indy Pro Series. It was called Indy Pro Series from 2006 to 2007.

Infiniti Pro Series does not exist anymore. Now it is called Indycar Series.

This site was created just as a tribute for this awesome event. In my opinion, it is one of the most exciting race car events of this century. It had everything - speed, adrenaline and required professional skills from drivers. I hope the information gathered and published here will be engaging. Good reading and checking!

P.S. Check videos section too. There are some footage from some races. It's nice to remember.

More about the race

Why it is called Infiniti Pro Series? The answer is very simple. The race cars used Infiniti engines. Chasis was from Dallara. Infiniti was highly involved in racing cars before Infiniti Pro Series and Infiniti was provider of engines for Indy Racing League.

The future also showed that Infiniti stayed involved in racing for many more years and even participated in Formula One. Regarding to some sources, Infiniti engines were powerful and strong. It had great results.

The Current Indy Championship

"The 2022 Indy Pro 2000 Championship was the 24th season in series history, and the fourth and final season held under the Indy Pro 2000 moniker. It served as the second rung of the Road to Indy ladder system, with the winner earning an Indy Lights scholarship for the following season. Rookie Louis Foster won the Drivers' championship, while Juncos Hollinger Racing won their fifth Teams' championship" - Wikipedia.

If you want to read more about the championship, check detailed Wikipedia page wit the list of drivers and the champion. The schedule, fastest lap and more information about Indy is also covered in the article.

The Full 2022 Indy Pro 2000 Season Videos

Gladly, you can find the full season racing videos on Youtube. Sharing the playlist below.

Stats and Details

2002 Final Stadings:

These are the standings at the end of the season 2002. Just for the clarification - the season took its part from July 7 to September 14. You can click on the name of a driver to get into the Wikipedia page with in-depth details about the driver.

Place Name Team Points
1 A.J. Foyt IV A. J. Foyt Enterprises 290
2 Arie Luyendyk Jr. Luyendyk Racing 236
3 Ed Carpenter Sinden Racing Service 226
4 Cory Witherill Hemelgarn 91/Johnson Motorsports 213
5 Aaron Fike Hemelgarn 91/Johnson Motorsports 186
6 Ronnie Johncox REV 1 Racing 180
7 Gary Peterson Automatic Fire Sprinklers 163
8 G.J. Mennen Sam Schmidt Motorsports 161
9 Ryan Hampton Conti-Genoa-Frost Racing 147
10 Marty Roth Brian Stewart Racing 138
11 Rolando Quintanilla Roquin Motorsports 137
12 Mike Koss Bowes Seal Fast Racing 123
13 Matt Beardsley Beardsley Motorsports 107
14 Jason Priestley Kelley Racing 99
15 Tom Wood Sam Schmidt Motorsports 83
16 Tony Turco Bowes Seal Fast Racing 57
17 Matthew Halliday Bowes Seal Fast Racing 44
18 Curtis Francois Sam Schmidt Motorsports 30
19 David Steele Bowes Seal Fast Racing 24
20 Jeff Tillman Sam Schmidt Motorsports 18
AJ Foyt IV
AJ Foyt IV in 2007

Schedule, Tracks and Winners:

Here is the table of the tracks where the events happened. Also, with the dates of when the event took place. Finally, we provide the winners of the race.

Date Track Winner
July 7 Kansas Speedway A. J. Foyt IV
July 20 Nashville Superspeedway Rohnie Johncox
July 28 Michigan International Speedway Arie Luyendyk Jr.
August 11 Kentucky Speedway A. J. Foyt IV
August 25 Gateway International Raceway Ryan Hampton
September 8 Chicagoland Speedway A. J. Foyt IV
September 14 Texas Motor Speedway A. J. Foyt IV
Chicagoland Speedway

Videos of Indy/Infiniti Pro Series

Sadly, there are not many videos available to this day. However, there are some history made public. Some of the videos are bad quality, however, it is enough to see the results and remember the races.

2002 Infiniti Pro Series Kansas